Pan Majestic Holdings (PMH) was established since 2000. Being the leader in the timber industry, PMH specialize in handling and dealing with all kind of sawn timber here in Malaysia. Our timber are exported to European Continent, Middleast and Asian countries. Without a doubt, Asian resources are in line with the demand worldwide.

The characteristic features that made moden architecture possible were buildings, stylistic movements, technology and modern materials with eco-friendly that correspond with Green Building Index (GBI).

Our business activities involves manufacturing, distribution and marketing of various kinds of sawn timbers which is widely use in the markets such as mouldings, timber flooring, wooden panels, timber staircase, laminated scantling and other timber products. This is in line with the demands from our customers here locally and overseas.  timber products 

Check out our products:
- Sawn Timber
- Semi-Finished Timber Products
- Value-Added TImber Products

We also provide services like:
- Consultation
- Timber Sourcing

Being a leader in the industry, we continue to supply high quality of tropical sawn timber, timber products, information and our professional services in order to meet our customers demand and satisfactions. professional services

Wood is such a versatile material that fits into any decor theme.


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